Shipping and Returns

Carbonized Records now offers Order Insurance. Order Insurance can be purchased with every order. Purchase Order Insurance to receive a replacement copy or refund for any damaged item(s) received in your order. Without the purchase of Order Insurance, we are not responsible for any Damage or Loss to any order once it has been shipped. To learn more about Order Insurance, click here

Carbonized Records uses the following mail delivery services:

-USPS and DHL e-Commerce


-Media Mail: Media Mail is used to ship all Media in the United States. Clothing Will Not Be Shipped Via Media Mail. If you choose Media Mail and your order has clothing, you will be asked to provide the remaining shipping balance via additional payment(s). Media Mail takes five (5) to nine (9) days to be delivered. If you would like your Media order to ship via First Class Mail (if applicable) or Priority Mail, please select that option at Checkout

-First Class Mail: First Class Mail can be used for all items weighing under sixteen (16) ounces / one (1) pound in the United States. First Class Mail takes anywhere from one (1) to five (5) days for packages to be delivered. If you would like your order to ship via First Class Mail, please select that option at Checkout

-Priority Mail: Priority Mail can be used for all items and is the fastest way to receive packages in the United States. Priority Mail takes on average one (1) to three (3) days to be delivered. If you would like your order to ship via Priority Mail, please select that option at Checkout

-First Class Mail International: First Class Mail International is used for all International orders who choose not to use DHL International Standard at checkout. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using DHL instead.

-DHL e-Commerce:

-International Standard: DHL International Standard is the cheapest way to to send orders Internationally. We currently have rates set up for twenty-five different countries. If your country is not in our database yet, you will still be given the option to use DHL International Standard at the "Rest of World" rates or a rate calculated by USPS. Whatever shipping money is unused after the order is placed, you will be refunded. 

-SmartMail Parcel Ground: DHL SmartMail Parcel Ground can be used to ship orders in the United States instead of USPS. While USPS is currently the cheapest option for the United States as of now, you also have the option of using DHL instead. DHL SmartMail Parcel Ground is estimated to take anywhere from four (4) to six (6) days for delivery.

*Important Disclaimer When Using DHL*: In order to receive the cheap international rates we now offer, we are required to have a minimum amount of packages ready to ship for DHL to pick up. Because of this requirement, some orders may not ship for up to thirty (30) days after order has been placed. Of course, some orders may ship immediately. It all depends on the volume of orders we receive per week. 

Please let us know ahead of time if there are any special requests for your order. All items ship as described on their respective product pages unless requested otherwise.

Please provide your full and correct address at checkout. We are not responsible for items returned to us due to incorrect address, name on order, etc.

Order Cancellations require a 5% deduction fee to returned payment in order to replace the payment processing fee from Paypal and/or Credit Card Companies initially used to pay for your order

All orders receive a shipping notification with tracking numbers included once the order ships from our location. Once shipped, most domestic orders take anywhere from two (2) to ten (10) business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. International shipping delivery times may vary between two (2) and twelve (12) weeks. If placing an order in the USA please wait thirty (30) days to contact us about a missing order. If International, claims can be made after sixty (60) days. If we have not responded to your first message, please write us a follow up e-mail. sometimes e-mails don't always reach their intended destinations. Purchase Order Insurance to fully insure your order! Without the purchase of Order Insurance, we are not responsible for any Damage or Loss to any order once it has been shipped 

Any item can be returned if the item received was not originally ordered or physically/visibly defective. Buyers are encouraged to purchase Order Insurance to insure their order from any mishaps occurred in transit.

Please contact with any questions